Most Saturdays are rugby days but on April 22nd, UMBC Men’s and Women’s Rugby ditched their rugby shorts and jerseys for jeans and heavy duty gloves as part of their 5th annual Day of Service Event. Every year, current and alumni UMBC ruggers come together to serve the greater Baltimore community and give back. This year, over 30 UMBC ruggers teamed up with Comcast and many other local organizations for “Comcast Cares Day” as part of a park beautification project at Farring Baybrook Park.

Armed with shovels, pickaxes, and their own two hands, both men and women of UMBC were able to scale back the invasive weeds in order to allow for extra open space in the park. Despite the rain, they worked diligently and were able to complete their task an hour ahead of schedule. With the combined efforts of UMBC Rugby, Comcast, and other volunteers, Farring Baybrook Park looked completely different and much more welcoming to park guests.


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