Another year, another alumni game and much has changed since the first game in 1992. Instead of battling the cold and snow of a blistery November day, the warm and sunny May afternoon allowed for a much more enjoyable match. The sideline in 1992 paled in comparison to the 2017 Alumni Game with close to 100 spectators. There were families and children of the aging alumni with over 33 years worth alumni in attendance as players, spectators, hecklers, a photographer, and even a bagpiper. However, a few things remained the same. Stories of how good the alumni used to be in college, the weeks worth of trash talk leading up to the game, and the camaraderie of both the current team and the alumni being strengthened after a hard fought match by both sides.

The match was a lopsided affair with the alumni besting the current team by a score of 55-15 due to the deep 30+ roster that the alumni squad was able to field. After the match, both teams and the spectators met at Patapsco State Park for the annual post-match BBQ where both the alumni and current team swapped stories in an effort to one-up the other. After socializing and eating enough hot dogs, brisket, ham, sausages, chicken, cole slaw, and macaroni and pasta salad to feed an army, so began the Best Damn Awards Show. For the current team, Hanson won Back of the Match and Adam Bielaski won Forward of the Match. For the alumni team, Soheyl Soltani-Nia RKOed his way into Back of the Match and Tyler Tippett won Forward of the Match. For all of the winners, they were showered with an amazing assortment of treasures found in the bargain bins of the local Goodwill.

Special thanks to Andrew Gaither and Robert Duvall for orchestrating another successful alumni weekend and to Ian Smith for cooking up another amazing spread of BBQ. Congratulations to Eamon Curley for being awarded the annual Haud Collumi scholarship and to Cordell Drummond for being inducted into the UMBC Rugby Hall of Fame.

image1                                     image2.JPG

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