In its 5th annual Stud Cup tournament hosted by UMBC Men’s Rugby, Loyola, Calvert Hall, West Carroll Marauders, Howard County Hurricane Express, North Bay, Arden, Bethesda Roosters, DeMatha, and the Maryland Exiles descended on UMBC’s home pitch, Walker Field. With mostly sunny skies, unseasonably cool August weather, and a soft pitch due to recent rains, conditions were perfect for the teams to battle it out to determine who was the studliest team in the Maryland area.

Stud cup 3.jpg           stud cup 2.jpg
There were many highlight reel worthy plays that exhibited the high level of skill that Maryland rugby is capable of with many players showing the skills and rugby knowledge to be top tier rugby players. Every team there proved that Maryland rugby will continue to produce high-level athletes that can compete at much higher levels. Despite the strength of teams, only four teams could make the cup playoffs, Loyola, North Bay, Hurricanes, and the Exiles. For the plate playoffs, Calvert Hall, Bethesda, West Carroll, and DeMatha all competed.
North Bay and the Maryland Exiles beat Loyola and the Hurricanes, respectively, to make it to the cup bracket with West Carroll and Calvert Hall beating DeMatha and the Roosters, respectively, for the plate final. In the JV bracket, North Bay (2) went undefeated throughout the day to take it all. The Maryland Exiles was able to muscle their way into winning the cup* and West Carroll exhibited their strong rugby knowledge to win the plate.
Stud cup 4.jpg                Stud cup 5.jpg
Congrats to all the teams for a hard-fought and well-played tournament. Thanks to all the alumni who came out and helped with the behind the scenes work and to the referees, Clayton Lively, Jake Steele, and Joe Drummond.
*More in-depth article about the cup final.



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